Fall off the Resolution Wagon? Here’s How to Jump Back on!

Research repeatedly shows that those who set New Year’s resolutions often fall off the wagon about mid January. Why? Because the individual didn't have a clear cut, stepwise process formulated as to how he or she was going to reach that goal.

Health goals continue to be #1 when it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions. According to US News, the top 3 health goals that people "googled" for 2023 were 1) Healthy Eating, 2) Trying new recipes, and 3) Meal preparation, particularly in the areas of Instant Pots and meal delivery services. If any of these were or ARE your goal, you're in luck because I'm an expert in all of these! I can help you decipher exactually what healthy eating is and what it looks like. Ask 20 people on the street what healthy eating means, and you'll probably get 20 different answers. 2) For those of you wanting new recipes, I put together some soup recipes for you, because January is also National Soup Month. I've included recipes with meat and non-meat, along with soups that can be made on the stovetop, crockpot or Insta Pot. To download your FREE recipes, go to https://app.thatcleanlife.com/shares/5300b27e-ba0d-4ff8-81cb-e0a5c8b5ba50. And lastly, if you need assistance with meal planning, I've got you covered. Let me assist you in planning a weekly menu, complete with corresponding recipes and shopping list. To learn more, go to https://secure.gethealthie.com/appointments/embed_appt?dietitian_id=4904&require_offering=true&immediate_checkout=true&offering_id=45009&hide_package_images=false

It's not too late to get your health goals started or back on track. Don't look back 3, 6 or 12 months from now, wishing you had started earlier.

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