Healthy Hydration

One of the easiest ways to improve your skin, digestion, nutrient absorption, cognition, and detoxification ability is by drinking pure, filtered water throughout the day. If this is so easy, then why is it so difficult to do? The top reasons I hear is:

1)      I couldn’t possibly drink that much!

2)      I don’t want to be running to the bathroom all day, and

3)      I don’t like the taste of water.

If you fall into one (or more) of these top reasons, here are some solutions:

1)      You’d be amazed at how much you CAN drink, when having the proper tools. I don’t go anywhere without having a 16-24 oz glass or stainless-steel water bottle with me, even if it’s to the post office, about a mile from my house. Why? Because in that short amount of time, I’m sure to take in a swallow or two, which all adds up towards my total daily hydration needs.  

2)      Change your mindset about restroom visitations.  Every time you urinate, you are flushing toxins from the body that could otherwise build up and cause future health problems, like kidney stones or urinary tract infections.

3)      Tap water generally doesn’t taste good, AND if not properly filtered, can contain harmful products like chlorine, lead, and pesticides. Try adding cut up fruit like lemons, oranges and strawberries, veggies like cucumbers, or herbs like peppermint or lavender to enhance the flavor and prevent boredom. I experiment and try a variety of combinations like lemon peppermint.

Make it a goal to increase your water intake by one additional glass per day for the next week. Every week thereafter, try adding another glass until you’ve met your hydration needs or goal. Your body, mind, and skin will all thank you.

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  1. Kasey on April 14, 2023 at 4:23 PM

    I add a variety of fruits and herbs to my water to enhance taste. Cucumber, lemon, and cilantro is my favorite!

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